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J&H 3628ROTA 1-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoomJ&H 3628ROTA 2-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom
Polo Stanford Compact Turn-Lock ClutchPolo Stanford Compact Turn-Lock Clutch
Polo Manhattan Phone SlingPolo Manhattan Phone Sling
Sale priceR 1,195.00
Polo Manhattan Compact PursePolo Manhattan Compact Purse
Sale priceR 795.00
Polo Manhattan Zip Around PursePolo Manhattan Zip Around Purse
Polo Siena Mini PursePolo Siena Mini Purse
Sale priceR 795.00
Polo Parker Zip Around PursePolo Parker Zip Around Purse
Sale priceR 995.00
J&H 4294ROTA 1-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoomJ&H 4294ROTA 2-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom
J&H 6495ROTA 1-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoomJ&H 6495ROTA 2-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom
J&H 3225ROTA 1-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoomJ&H 3225ROTA 2-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom
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At Handbag & Luggage, we're not just about premium accessories—we're about the journey. Yet, we get it; sometimes, even the finest piece might not match your journey's style. That's okay. With our 7-Day Journey Assurance, take a week to decide if it's the right fit. If you're contemplating a return, just make sure it's in its pristine original packaging. 🎁 It's our commitment to ensuring you're equipped with nothing but the best for every adventure. Your complete elation? That's our north star. 💼✨


Thuli, Johannesburg

Keeps Up with My Hustle!

From Jozi to Cape Town, I'm always on the move. Handbag and Luggage bags are the only ones that keep pace with my hustle. Stylish and sturdy. A definite win!

Nomsa, Pretoria

Ayeye! Quality Like No Other!

I got my backpack last year, and it's been from hiking trails to malls. It still looks brand new. The quality is top-notch!

Kgomotso, Bloemfontein

Turning Heads in the City of Roses!

Every time I walk down the streets of Bloem, people ask me where I got my handbag. It's a complete showstopper!